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Our commitment to sustainable development.

Our commitment to sustainable development comes from our desire to create spaces, communities, and memories that endure. When we build, we create environments that not only stand to last, but also have a lower impact on the environment. Sustainability to us means leveraging solutions with environmental benefits that can be passed down from generation to generation.

LEED Properties

LEED is a national rating system for sustainability that recognizes environmentally conscious spaces. By consistently building green and certifying our buildings as LEED, we are working to make the home, office, and commercial spaces we build healthier for ourselves and for our planet.

Megawatts of In-Place Solar Production
LEED Properties
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Energy Star Certified Buildings

For buildings to earn an Energy Star Certification, they must meet rigorous energy performance standards set by the EPA. This certificate is given annually, so buildings must maintain their high performance to keep their certification.

Energy Star Certified
Less Energy Used
in our Buildings
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Energy Star Certifications
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LEED Certification for Residence Inn
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LEED Gold Certification for Keva Flats